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modern warfare reflex

2009-11-16 19:39:42 by Dingbat2212

i am 100% sure im going to get it for christmas so pm me your fc and username and i'll see ya then

model gun

2009-10-06 17:20:13 by Dingbat2212

i am new to making model guns so tell me if you any ideas for a type of gun that would fit the base of the gun from last post.
bye for now

Making a model gun

2009-09-29 21:09:38 by Dingbat2212

ok i am going to make a model M1 carbine (WW2 rifle)
now it doesn't look exactly like it but with a little work, ill do just fine
if you have any experience please give me some tips
comment please, it's just a wooden gun with a clay package at the bottom (for now).

Making a model gun

recently discovered musician

2009-09-27 10:07:13 by Dingbat2212

Gravey. the best musician who has many songs

Alven the earthworm- Super mario bros z
Chakra x- Sonic: Nazo uleashed
both are awesome dudes and i will never forget them, ever.


2009-09-17 21:22:52 by Dingbat2212

I have cod5 for wii so just tell me ur username k.